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Where To Get A Greyhound Harness In Australia (4+ Recommendations)

Where To Get A Greyhound Harness In Australia (4+ Recommendations)

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Finding a greyhound harness in Australia can be a bit tricky, which is why we put together this handy article and regularly update it.

Greyhounds are sighthounds (type of dog) and have a very distinct physique.

They have a light, lean head, a skull that’s relatively long in comparison to its breadth, an elongated muzzle, and short fur.

In other words, because of how deep their chests are, many regular dog harnesses aren’t a good fit for grey’s.

It can be hard to find a suitable greyhound harness, and many dog owners end up getting one custom made, or giving up entirely and sticking to greyhound collars.

But sometimes a harness is a better option than a collar. For example when leash-training is proofing to be more challenging than expected, or when your grey has a strong desire to bolt after small prey while you’re out on a walk.

So, let’s look at some harnesses that you can buy, which are either entirely made for greyhounds, or are recommended by other greyhound owners as a good fit for the breed. We’ll start with Australian options, and then move on to harnesses you can buy from overseas, that offer shipping to Australia.

Hand-made Greyhound Harness (Melbourne)

Image by PBandIDogWear on Etsy
  • Fully adjustable at the chest and leg area
  • All stress points are double triple stitched
  • Available in puppy sizes, all the way up to XXL
  • Hand-made in Melbourne, Victoria
  • From $40, check Etsy for the latest price

Anti Escape Greyhound Harness

Image by SowinkaDesign
  • Pressure-free, anti-escape harness
  • Stylish honey mustard colour
  • Custom made to your dog’s dimensions
  • From $130.57, check Etsy for the latest price
  • Ships from Poland with free delivery at the time of writing this article

Greyhound safety harness

Image by Galguau
  • Anti-escape safety system in the abdominal area
  • Double seams with quadruple double stitch, to reinforce the closures of each strap
  • From $83.70, check Etsy for the latest price
  • Ships from Spain

Fleece-lined Greyhound Harness

Image by TheTrendy Whippet
  • Specially shaped to fit around a Sighthounds body
  • Soft on the neck as it’s made with flannel and nylon webbing
  • From $29.39, check Etsy for the latest price
  • Ships from the UK

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