9 Sausage Dog Outfits You Need To See

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Dog outfits are the cutest thing ever, but it’s important to always consider the welfare of our dogs. 

If your dog is not comfortable or suitable to wear any type of clothing, respect that and let your fur-friend be nakey. There’s still an abundance of great memories to be made with our without dog clothes. 

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If your dog is happy to wear outfits or if you just want to see some cute dachshunds, here are our favourite finds for Sausage Dog Outfits. 

Dog Tuxedo

The perfect sausage dog outfit for special occasions! This cute dog tuxedo is made to fit based on your measurements and ships to Australia from the Ukraine. 

Sausage dog outfit for wedding
Image by BarkAndGo on Etsy

Fleece Sausage Dog Tummy Warmer

Keep your sausage dog warm with this cute fleece tummy warmer. The sausage dog outfit is handmade based on your measurements and ships from Washington in the US. 

Sausage dog wearing fleece outfit
Image by VoyagersK9Apparel on Etsy

Mohair Dachshund Outfit

Keep your sausage dog warm with this hand-knitted sweater. Made to your dog’s size, this outfit ships from France. 

Sausage dog wearing winter outfit
Image by Puppy1Love on Etsy

Knit Sweater Outfit

Made of wool and cotton, this beautiful knit wear outfit is a winter-must-have for sausage dogs. This item is 100% hand-made and ships from France. 

Sausage dog wearing sweater outfit
Image by Puppy1Love on Etsy

Hoodie with Pompon Outfit

This cute outfit is made up of a comfortable hoodie including a pompon which is removable. Handmade and shipped from the Ukraine this outfit has many great mix & match options. 

Dachshund wearing handmade outfit
Image by KAIRAShop on Etsy

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