Top 10: Funny Border Collie Memes You Need To See (+ 1 Bonus Meme)

Let’s face it, we all love Border Collies and funny memes. So, here’s an article full of funny Border Collie memes, made from real-life pictures!

The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region for “catching” livestock, especially sheep.

As a breed, they feature a unique blend of intelligence and loyalty. In fact, they frequently rank #1 in dog intelligence ratings.

That said, they can be a challenging breed and aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Because they’re a highly-intelligent working breed, many Border Collies require a job or a good substitute for a well-balanced quality of life.

City dwellers who decide to bring a Border Collie into their life often join dog sport clubs, and participate in agility, flyball, or nosework. In some regional towns that are close-ish to cities, you can even find sheep herding classes for city dogs!

While a Border Collie certainly isn’t for everyone, many people become loyal to the breed and can’t imagine a life without their crazy companions.

#1 Border Collie Meme Working From Home

border collie working from home dog meme

#2 What do you mean I’m too controlling? Border Collie Meme

Too controlling border collie meme

#3 Border Collie Dad Joke Meme

Border collie dad joke meme

#4 Go Outside And Back Inside Meme

funny border collie meme

#5 Border Collie Secret Life Meme

The most intelligent dog breed border collie meme

#6 Broc-COLLIE Meme

Broc-collie meme

#7 I’ll COLLIE you later Meme

Collie you later border collie meme

#8 Stalking Border Collie Meme

Border collie dog meme

#9 COLLIE-Maybe Border Collie Meme

Top 10: Funny Border Collie Memes You Need To See (+ 1 Bonus Meme) Dog memes4

#10 Border Collies are no house dogs Meme

Border collies are no house dogs meme

#11 Border Collie HERD you the first time Meme

Border collie herd you the first time meme

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