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Top 10: Funny Border Collie Memes You Need To See (+ 1 Bonus Meme)

Top 10: Funny Border Collie Memes You Need To See (+ 1 Bonus Meme)

The most intelligent dog breed border collie meme

Let’s face it, we all love Border Collies and funny memes. So, here’s an article full of funny Border Collie memes, made from real-life pictures!

The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region for “catching” livestock, especially sheep.

As a breed, they feature a unique blend of intelligence and loyalty. In fact, they frequently rank #1 in dog intelligence ratings.

That said, they can be a challenging breed and aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Because they’re a highly-intelligent working breed, many Border Collies require a job or a good substitute for a well-balanced quality of life.

City dwellers who decide to bring a Border Collie into their life often join dog sport clubs, and participate in agility, flyball, or nosework. In some regional towns that are close-ish to cities, you can even find sheep herding classes for city dogs!

While a Border Collie certainly isn’t for everyone, many people become loyal to the breed and can’t imagine a life without their crazy companions.

Table of Contents

#1 Border Collie Meme Working From Home

border collie working from home dog meme

#2 What do you mean I’m too controlling? Border Collie Meme

Too controlling border collie meme

#3 Border Collie Dad Joke Meme

Border collie dad joke meme

#4 Go Outside And Back Inside Meme

funny border collie meme

#5 Border Collie Secret Life Meme

The most intelligent dog breed border collie meme

#6 Broc-COLLIE Meme

Broc-collie meme

#7 I’ll COLLIE you later Meme

Collie you later border collie meme

#8 Stalking Border Collie Meme

Border collie dog meme

#9 COLLIE-Maybe Border Collie Meme

#10 Border Collies are no house dogs Meme

Border collies are no house dogs meme

#11 Border Collie HERD you the first time Meme

Border collie herd you the first time meme

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